Phantom, Mavic, DJI, Delayed again, oh my!

So folks, this is more of a rant that a regular post.

My faithful DJI Phantom 2 with the trusty GoPro Hero 3 dangling underneath taking dependable 12mp photos every 5 seconds just wasn’t cutting it any longer. I decided to sell the complete setup (Custom Case, Extra Battery, Phantom 2, GoPro Hero 3, 7″ FPV screen and more) through eBay and got just over exactly what I thought it would get. YAY! No worries, It is now well into October, the leaves had fallen and drone business would be hit or miss until the spring.


Within one day of selling my complete setup that had performed great for over two years, a potential customer called wanting aerial photography of their property. Great I thought! I had been studying for my part 107 licensing test and was taking the exam the next day.

But! Oh, no! No drone!

It was the first of November and even though I had placed the order for the latest and greatest drone setup to replace my tried and true Phantom 2 rig, I was droneless nonetheless. I replied promptly that I could schedule to shoot the property in the next week or so.

A couple days later… I receive an email from the drone manufacturer stating that orders were delayed due to an unforeseen error and will be fulfilled in 6-8 weeks. CRAP! I spent some time over the following few days to chat with DJI, emailing DJI, reading forum posts from other disgruntled early adopters, and generally feeling like a schmuck. Today I had another client call, wanting aerial drone photography, and had to, yet again, explain what was going on.

No more!

I cancelled my order for the latest and greatest and settled for the better drone. The better drone with better specs and happier customers. My fingers are crossed that I’ll receive it by December!!! Bye November, look out, PlateauPro is back! And for all those that have been waiting patiently… the new rig will shoot 20mp stills! (not to mention 4k video at 60fps).